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Hey! it's Lola Ranks Top in Pandia's "Digital Marketing Companies" List for Melton, VIC

Hey! it's Lola Ranks Top in Pandia's "Digital Marketing Companies" List for Melton, VIC
Hey! it's Lola Ranks Top in Pandia's "Digital Marketing Companies" List for Melton, VIC

A Trusted Creative Partner: The Story Behind 'Hey! It's Lola'

At 'Hey! It's Lola ', I take immense pride in being your trusted creative partner, offering professional website design and unparalleled expertise in the Wix platform. Our journey is led by a multifaceted individual who juggles the roles of a proud mum, fitness fanatic, musician, and psychology enthusiast. With over two decades of experience in graphic design and print, and a decade of rocking the Wix Website Designer cape, I have established ourselves as a force to be reckoned with in the creative industry. Not to boast, but achieving Certified Wix Expert and Wix Partner with Legend Status, the highest honour in the Wix world, speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Our Mission: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Our mission is straightforward yet powerful: to empower entrepreneurs, small businesses, and passionate creatives to chase their dreams on their terms. We are dedicated to helping our clients establish a compelling online presence through eye-catching branding and website design. Whether you're eager to unlock the secrets of the Wix platform through our coaching services or prefer to have the work done for you, I am here to ensure your digital journey is successful and enjoyable.

What Sets Us Apart: Unique Approach and Comprehensive Services

At 'Hey! It's Lola', we distinguish ourselves with a unique approach that combines extensive client service management experience, a love for meaningful conversations, and a commitment to both personal and business growth. Our services cover a wide spectrum, ensuring I meet diverse client needs:

  • Website Design: We offer custom, semi-custom, and DIY packages tailored to fit every need and budget. From the Start-Up Package for budget-friendly single-page sites to comprehensive custom designs, I have solutions for every stage of your business journey.

  • Brand Development: Our expertise in brand development encompasses logo design and comprehensive brand strategies, helping businesses create a strong and memorable identity.

  • Wix Consulting and Coaching: I provide personalised coaching sessions to help clients master the Wix platform, empowering them to manage their sites confidently and independently.

  • Marketing Materials: Our creative services extend to designing social media assets, e-newsletters, and print materials that enhance your marketing efforts.

  • Site Maintenance: For those who prefer ongoing support, I offer site maintenance services to keep websites fresh, functional, and up-to-date.

Our clients include an inspiring array of creative professionals, therapists, coaches, holistic and health professionals, healers, and other service-based businesses dedicated to promoting self-improvement, healing, love, life, and joy.

Top Spot in Pandia's List of Digital Marketing Companies

I am ecstatic to share that 'Hey! It's Lola' has been featured among the top spots in Pandia's prestigious list of "Digital Marketing Companies" in Melton, VIC. This recognition is a significant milestone for us, reflecting our dedication, creativity, and the unwavering support of our incredible clients.

Pandia is renowned for its unbiased listings of top web design, video production, graphic design, SEO, internet marketing, and app development firms. They rank businesses based on online reputation, reviews, and visibility, without offering pay-to-play rankings. Being highlighted in their list is a testament to our excellence and impact in the digital marketing space.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Growth

Our journey has not been without its challenges. The 2020 Melbourne lockdowns tested our resilience, both personally and professionally. These challenging times fortified our commitment to aiding creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, especially those promoting self-improvement, healing, and joy. The most profound twist came in 2021, when a near-fatal car accident served as a powerful reminder of life's fragility. This life-altering experience deepened our commitment to our path as a small business owner and entrepreneur, and fueled our passion for fostering self-development.

A Dedication to Diversity and Self-Improvement

In 2023, a diagnosis of ADHD further fuelled our drive for self-love, self-improvement, and embracing life's diversity. This journey of self-discovery has given us a unique perspective that I carry into our work with clients. 'Hey! It's Lola' is not just a business; it is a platform dedicated to equipping entrepreneurs, creatives, and small businesses with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to flourish in the digital landscape.

Let's Craft Digital Magic Together

Your success in the digital journey is our superpower. I am here to empower you every step of the way, drawing on the profound lessons from our journey, our love for self-development, and our deep appreciation for the gift of life. Whether you're looking for vibrant and strategic branding, a user-friendly website, or personalised coaching, 'Hey! It's Lola' is ready to help you shine online.

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