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product license & terms

product license and terms​

By purchasing a product from Hey! It's Lola, you adhere to and are legally bound by the terms as stated below. All products and design assets sold at Hey! It's Lola are Copyright © 2023 Hey! It's Lola.

Product License

website templates / personal use license

A personal use license allows you to use the template for one website of your own, in your own account.
The template can only be used by the purchaser for their own website and cannot be transferred to another user. If  you hire someone to edit your website for you, they cannot take claim to the design.
The footer SITE DESIGN link to Hey! It’s Lola must stay in place. This must not be removed.

website templates / client use license

A client use license allows you to use the template for one website for one client.
The purchaser can use the Hey! It’s Lola template to design their client’s website.
You cannot use the template for more than one client. Additional use requires an additional license purchase.
The footer SITE DESIGN link to Hey! Its Lola Creative can be removed and replaced with your own design credit.

If a Client Use license is not shown in the listing to purchase, the license you will hold for the item is a Personal Use license.

You do not have permission to re-sell or re-distribute this template or any edited derivative of this template. 

The template is copyrighted to Hey! It's Lola and you do not have permission to claim the design or structure as your own.

You will receive the template as it is shown in the live demo URL that you are able to preview before purchasing. It is your responsibility to preview the live version of the template and ask questions if needed, before choosing to purchase.

Within 30 days of purchase: If any platform (Wix, Canva) makes significant updates or changes to their platform and the template does not continue to function as a result, Hey! Its Lola Creative will provide a full refund of your purchase of the template. If an updated version of the template can be made, you will receive the updated version in place of a refund and this will be provided within 30 days of the change occurring. 


Hey! It's Lola holds no responsibility for the changes on these platforms and cannot control the technical changes of external websites, therefore you agree to the Refund Policy of the item outlined at date of purchase. 

Beyond 30 days of purchase, a refund or replacement will not be provided.

refund policy

Due to the immediate, digital nature of the products sold at Hey! It's Lola Creative, all sales are final and refunds/exchanges will not be provided as the items cannot be returned. It is your responsibility to read the full product listing description before you make a purchase and to ask any questions beforehand.

Refund policy
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