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template faq

Can I make changes to the template after I purchase? 

Of course! The level of customisation is entirely up to you.

You can use the website as-is, or get super creative and make it your own!​

What if have a website? Can I use your templates?

If you already have a site on Wix, I send your template to your Wix account via the email used for your Wix account. From there, you can customise the design and copy all while your existing site stays live. When you're ready to launch the new site, all you'll have to do is move your domain to the new site. This way, you won't have to put up an "under construction" page and the transition can be seamless for your visitors.

If you have an existing website on another platform, you will need to create an account with Wix to accept the website template. Once transferred,  you can customise the design and copy; all while your existing website stays live.

When you’re ready to launch the new site, all you’ll have to do update the DNS Records/Nameservers so that the domain points to your new Wix Website. With this connection method, Wix hosts your DNS, while your domain remains registered with its current host (ie Go Daddy etc).  You must have a Wix Premium plan in order to connect a domain. 

Can I hire you to customise my template?

Yes! Even though these templates are easy to customise, even for non-techy people, it can be a lot to create your own colour palette and choose your fonts and photos. If you’re interested in handing over the work to me so you can focus on what you do best, check out my Semi-Custom Website Package for details. 

Do your templates include SEO?

All of my Wix templates are carefully designed with SEO best practices in mind. I prioritise elements such as clear and legible fonts, appropriate colour contrast, optimised image sizes, and ensuring mobile responsiveness for each website. It's important to note that effective SEO requires customisation to align with your unique business needs. Unless you opt for my Semi-Custom Website Package, further SEO implementation will be your responsibility.

Semi-Custom Website Package #2, however, offers an inclusive solution with a Keywords & On-Page SEO Plan.

Keywords play a crucial role in improving your visibility on Google, and with this package, I will:

  • Review your current website statistics and performance, if applicable.

  • Conduct comprehensive keyword research tailored to your business.

  • Develop strategic page titles, meta descriptions, heading 1 tags, image alt titles, and content recommendations.

  • Implement the SEO strategy into your website.

By following these steps, your new website will be optimised for SEO, significantly increasing your chances of being discovered by your target customers in Google search results.

What happens when I purchase one of your Wix templates? Do I get access right away?

Within two business days, I'll send an invitation email from Wix to access your new website. Follow the instructions to accept the invitation, add your photos and copy, then launch!

Are there additional fees?

Not from Hey! It's Lola. The amount you paid for your Wix template is a one-time payment.

To publish your website, you’ll need to pay for a Wix Premium plan and a domain name, but those payments are made to Wix directly; not through Hey! it's Lola.

Do you offer additional coaching or tutorials?
Absolutely! If you're new to website management and require guidance after the launch, I offer a personalised Wix Coaching session to assist you. The coaching session lasts for one hour and is available at a rate of $360. Wix Coaching is tailored to your specific website requirements. For instance, if you have an online store, I will guide you on tasks such as order fulfilment and adding products. If you utilise a booking system, I will demonstrate how to incorporate booking services. Similarly, if you have a gallery, I'll show you how to add images, and for blogs, I'll explain the process of adding posts and creating categories. Existing clients can also benefit from tutorials at the same hourly rate. For more information on my tutorials, please visit this link. Would you like to learn more about Wix?
Please click here.

Do you make this template for a different platform?

No, my templates are only available for use on Wix sites. Wix is one of the easiest platforms to manage and maintain, it’s super user-friendly, mobile responsive and has great SEO capabilities.

To what extent can I customise the template?

The template offers flexibility for customisation according to your preferences. It can be utilised in its original form (excluding the need to provide your own images), or you have the freedom to enhance its uniqueness to align with your vision. Each template grants you the ability to modify various elements such as colours, fonts, images, graphics, and more. Furthermore, you can personalise the structure of your website by adding or removing pages, layouts, and sections. This level of customisation empowers you to create a tailored website that reflects your individuality.

What’s the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of these website templates, they are non-refundable. Please make sure you read all of the product details before you purchase, and reach out if you have any questions. 


​Do you work with other platforms other than Wix?​
Only for Custom Website Design at this stage.  I have team members that specialise in WordPress and Shopify. It's important to note that websites built on these platforms may involve higher costs and will be quoted based on your specific requirements. If you're interested in exploring these alternatives, please don't hesitate to contact us for a personalised quote. I'll be happy to assist you.

Still have questions?
Please contact me at and I will answer any inquiries within 24-48hrs.

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