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emma johnson

Meet Emma Johnson, a distinguished therapist, and her captivating brand identity, created by yours truly. Emma's expertise is in therapy, and my goal was to design a visually striking representation that truly captures the essence of her therapeutic approach.

In our insightful strategy session, Emma and I dug deep into her brand's core, uncovering its purpose, current state, and future direction. This profound exploration served as the foundation for my creative direction, ensuring that every design element I created harmoniously aligned with Emma's vision and aspirations.

The custom branding package I carefully curated for Emma Johnson Therapist embodies her unique identity. It features a primary logo that's an attention-grabbing symbol. Complementing this centerpiece, there's a secondary logo and a distinct submark, offering versatility for different uses. I also handpicked unique fonts that embody Emma's therapeutic style and put together an evocative color palette that stirs the right emotions. I even created special design elements for digital and print media, ensuring a consistent brand experience across all platforms.

Emma Johnson Therapist Branding & Identity by Hey! It's Lola


emma johnson, therapist

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