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angela manning

Introducing Angela Manning Wellness Coach, a remarkable brand identity created by yours truly. Angela is a highly regarded wellness coach, and my goal was to design a visually compelling representation that truly captures the essence of her holistic well-being approach.

In our strategy session, Angela and I delved deep into her brand's core, uncovering its purpose, current state, and future direction. This insightful exploration served as the foundation for my creative direction, ensuring every design element I created harmoniously aligned with Angela's vision.

The custom branding package I crafted for Angela Manning Wellness Coach epitomizes her unique identity. It features a primary logo that instantly grabs attention. Alongside this centerpiece, there's a secondary logo and submark, offering versatility for various uses. I also carefully selected custom fonts that embody Angela's coaching style, curated a captivating color palette, and designed distinct elements for both digital and print media. This cohesive package creates a captivating brand experience across all platforms. 

Angela Manning Wellness Coach Branding and Identity


angela manning

Angela Manning Wellness Coach Branding and Identity
Angela Manning Wellness Coach Branding

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