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Kindly provide thorough details in the web design brief below to assist me in generating an accurate quote and ensuring a seamless website project for you.

If there are any uncertainties, feel free to leave those sections blank, and we can discuss them together as needed.

the website brief

Which package are you interested in?
What is the main purpose of your website? You can choose multiple, but a maximum of 3 should be enough to keep focused on
What are your website goals?
IS ALL OF YOUR CONTENT & IMAGERY READY? This includes text for every page, product descriptions, FAQ's, images, brand assets, and more. Please be aware that I require all content to be submitted in advance before any work can begin on your website.
WEBSITE FEATURES. ACTIONS ON YOUR WEBSITE - What actions would you like people to take on your site? Tick as many as you'd like. *
Which Social Media tools do you use? Check all that apply.
ADDITIONAL CONTENT By filling out these fields you are weaving your branding and tone of voice through more pages and areas and building more rapport with your audience! WOULD YOU LIKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT BAR?
PROMOTIONAL POP-UP You can create a pop-up that appears when visitors land on your site to collect emails, advertise a promotion, or drive traffic to content.
COMING SOON/LAUNCH PAGE Showing a “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” page while a larger site is in progress
DOMAIN INFORMATION. A domain name is your website's address that people can search to find your site. It can be letters, numbers, and extensions like .com or Have you already purchased a domain?
Do you have he following account set up?
If you haven't set up any Google accounts yet, would you like to include this service in your quote?
Are your meta tags, including page titles and meta descriptions, prepared for submission?

Thanks for submitting!


the website brief

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