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russ johnson

I also had the absolute pleasure assisting Russ Johnson in creating his brand-new Ecommerce Website, showcasing his extraordinary work and branding! 
Russ Johnson, the talented Albury-based photographer with a passion for Australian and NZ Landscapes, Urban Landscapes, and Vintage Vehicle Photography.
Russ has poured his heart and soul into curating a collection of prints that are so much more than just pictures. They’re a piece of timeless elegance and inspiration, perfect for sprucing up your space or making someone’s day extra special with a meaningful gift.
But here’s the cherry on top: for every purchase you make, Russ is giving back by donating a minimum of 10% to Betty’s Place Women’s Refuge in East Albury. It’s all about making a positive impact and spreading love through art.

Russell Johnson Branding


russ johnson

3. Lake Heron Station, NZ.jpg

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